"even the best emergency plans
can be quickly overwhelmed by
the speed and scale of a flood"

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when the floods come...

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Flood Depth Gauge

FloodPlugs are a Light, Easy to Store, Easy to Handle and Fast to Deploy Emergency Flood Protection Barrier

Keep floodwater out with high tech sandbag alternatives and door protection kits.

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Rising Floodwaters, Climate and Weather Pattern Changes
Flash floods, ice jams, storms, tidal surges and any other reason for a sudden rise of floodwater can strike fast with potentially devastating consequences to homes, work places or local infrastructure. During these times, demand for the simplest of resources to defend properties against rising flood waters frequently far outstrips availability.

The Humble Sandbag
Whilst the humble sandbag has shielded property against floods for many hundreds of years, sourcing and the deployment of them in sudden high waters can be extremely difficult if not impossible.

Filling and the deployment of sandbags is time consuming, heavy work and usually requires several people. Furthermore, most property owners do not have the space or desire to indefinitely store sand bags or the hundreds of pounds of sand to fill them.

Itís a predictable fact that when floods arrive, most property owners are vastly unprepared.

FloodPlugs are a modern alternative to the sandbag. For several years these products have successfully provided fast response, emergency flood barriers in real life flood situations around the globe.

Almost Ready to Use Sandbag Weighing Less Than 1.5lbs?
Initially flat and weighing less than 650g (1.5lb), water quickly activates and is absorbed by the high tech polymer filling. The FloodPlug then swells to many times its initial size and weight to form a ready to use, full size sandbag weighing a manageable 20KG (44lbs) or so.

A single box of FloodPlugs is light, easy to store, extremely easy to prepare and more than affordable yet still gives unyielding flood protection to your home or workplace.

FloodPlugs can be stored virtually anywhere but can be pre-soaked and in place protecting your property (or used as a secondary or "soak up" water barrier) in a matter of minutes.

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